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Urban Green is an innovator in the field of green affordable housing. As a high-performance housing and renewable energy developer, our firm was recently honored with a 2013 Next Century Innovator’s Award by the Rockefeller Foundation. Our development strategies utilize the latest technologies in housing design, renewable energy, building performance and human health to produce next-generation housing that is changing the human habitat. Urban Green stands apart from traditional housing developers because of our many innovations and our outstanding relationships with housing and sustainability industry leaders.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our innovative approach sets us apart from traditional housing developers.



Innovation #1: Affordable Housing-Renewable Energy Integration

  • Traditional Model:
    The vast majority of our renewable energy competitors simply don’t know affordable housing! They don’t understand low-income housing tax credits, HUD programs, use restrictions and regulatory agreements that are integral to affordable housing. Not understanding these programs will impact critical areas of your project – costing you time and money!!!
  • Urban Green Model:
    We are experienced affordable housing developers who are specialist in integrating renewable energy systems. Unlike our competitors, Urban Green actually uses LIHTC, HUD, HOME and other traditional affordable housing sources so we fully understand how to integrate green building practices and financing into these projects. We also understand affordable housing operations, ownership structures and asset life-cycles.

Innovation #2: Renewable Energy Options

  • Traditional Model:
    Most energy companies specialize in 1 type of renewable energy system (i.e. – solar hot water). This is what they know… so this is all they offer. But how would you know if you better energy and financing options?
  • Urban Green Model:
    We perform an Energy Options Analysis to determine which renewable energy system will yield the best long-term performance for your particular property. We analyze solar PV, solar thermal, fuel cell and other technologies to determine which system will yield the highest long-term performance for your building. We provide a graphic comparison of each energy option’s performance so you can easily understand your options. We are technology neutral so no hidden agendas.

Innovation #3: Multiple Energy Ownership Models

  • Traditional Model:
    Property owners can either purchase their own system (if they can afford it); or they can lease a renewable energy system – allowing the majority of the savings to be passed on to investors.
  • Urban Green Model:
    We offer our Energy Partnership Model (EPM) that gives property owners the option to participate in an independent asset ownership structure without tax implications to the existing housing ownership entity. Owner/Developers can also enter a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) or create cooperative entities between multiple properties.
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