Renewable Energy Solutions


Benchmarking & Green Physical Needs Assessments (GPNA)

Through its relationships with many respected energy audit and engineering firms, Urban Green provides property benchmarking and Physical Needs Assessments to its clients. These services help property owners to understand existing building performance weaknesses while developing a renovation scope to address critical needs.


Energy Options Analysis (EOA)

If you have ever wondered whether solar would outperform wind, geothermal or fuel cell, Urban Green can help. Our Energy Options Analysis (EOA) provides each property with a customized, metric-based, performance assessment for each renewable energy system type. The EOA measures upfront and long-term operating cost, environmental impact and total return on investment for each renewable energy system (i.e. – solar, wind, fuel cell…etc). As an investment grade performance tool, property owners, lenders and investors can use the EOA to justify selected energy strategies for a housing portfolio and make them “bankable” for lenders and investors.

On-Site and District Energy Systems

At Urban Green, we declare the days of electriccommunitysolarpic grid-dependency to be over! We offer on-site power solutions that can do as little as reducing a property’s current utility expenses or go as far as obtaining 100% on-site power and zero-net energy solutions. Urban Green can also create District Energy Systems that feed renewable power and/or heat to end-users within a target district. In all cases, staying grid-connected for backup power is always an option. Urban Green is able to develop district energy systems that utilize natural gas, methane or bio-gas fuel sources to operate fuel cells and other combined heat/power systems. Just imagine, the grid may go dark… but you won’t.

Green Education Services

In today’s green building environment, it is critical for housing owner-operators to train their tenants and management staff to properly conserve resources and manage sustainable properties. Urban Green will coordinate green education workshops for both tenants and staff to insure “best practices” are being achieved. Training topics include energy conservation tips, recycling, integrated pest management, indoor air quality and more.

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