Sustainable Housing Solutions


New homesUrban Green, LLC seeks to partner with public and private sector organizations to develop customized sustainable housing solutions.  While our approach typically seeks to co-develop housing with local development partners, we can also assume the role of lead developer or development consultant. As property owners seek sustainable housing solutions worldwide, a clear emphasis has been placed on reducing long-term utility and maintenance expenses, grid independence, tenant health and environmental impact.  Of equal importance is the long-term return on these investments.  With this in mind, Urban Green partners with housing providers to identify and assess multiple sustainable housing solutions for individual sites or an entire housing portfolio.




Multi-Family Housing

7843724Our company’s role as Owner/Developer of multi-family properties focuses primarily on the acquisition and rehabilitation of mature, urban properties in need of comprehensive renovations or energy retrofit. Ideally, such properties will benefit from a reduction in their operating expenses by lowering their energy consumption, maintenance expenses and long-term replacement cost. Typical multi-family projects include:

  • Expiring low-income housing tax credit and Section 8 properties
  • Public housing renovations
  • Abandoned school and public building retrofit-conversions
  • Urban land redevelopment (vacant land areas)

Dual Partnership Model

Many affordable housing developments are hindered by rising construction cost and the limited availability of government subsidies which can make upfront capital investments in renewable energy more difficult to attain. To help resolve this barrier, Urban Green offers a dual partnership model that features both a traditional housing partnership for owning/operating residential property and a separate “Energy Partnership” that owns and operates energy assets. The Energy Partnership is able to purchase, install and operate on-site renewable energy systems at no cost to the housing provider and sell its generated energy (electricity and heat) to the Housing Partnership at rates well below market utility rates. This approach reduces housing development costs and locks in long-term energy rates that benefit the operations of sustainable communities.

For-Sale Housing

Urban Green targets in-fill and gut-rehab homeownership projects within urban neighborhoods. Such projects will target moderate- and mixed-income developments within transit-oriented communities that reduce transportation expenses while featuring sustainable, high-performance designs. We offer for-sale housing units that are grid-tied while having the option to be grid independent. Urban Green can now offer zero-net energy homes as well. Project types include:

  • In-fill new construction (modular, pre-fabricated and stick-build designs)
  • Retro-fit Condominiums
  • First-time homebuyer and mixed-income housing strategies
  • LEED, Energy-Star and zero-net energy homes
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